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I get asked a lot about certain products, people, programs, places and more that I love, admire, trust and that contributes to my own health and wellbeing. There are far too many downright incredible companies that I want you to know about! So, here is a space I can share these with you. Please enjoy, and look out for sneaky discounts you can use xxx


Padarin Health Gallbladder Flush

Helen Padarin is a star in the health field. I have and will always greatly respect her work. The thing is, there isn't many other practitioners I trust with myself or my clients, though Helen is someone that I happily have full trust that myself or clients are in the right hands. She's pretty funny too, which is an absolute bonus. 

The GALLBLADDER FLUSH - I believe almost everyone needs to do a gallbladder flush, and this is the most perfect way for you to do it with a hand to hold and some trusted guidance. It can improve your digestion dramatically, cleanse your whole body, bring you energy, vitality, and clarity. 

For signs and symptoms that you need to undergo this, then go to her website HERE

Kirsty from Kultured Wellness is generously offering a FREE Gut Health Rebalancing Series starting on the 15th of May. This gives you the opportunity to gain secrets into healing your gut and therefore overall body, which can honestly be the key to overcoming many of your symptoms. 

I have used these cultures non-stop for a few years now. I have a continual flow of experiments happening on my kitchen bench, fermenting all sorts of foods from cashews to cucumbers to figs to pineapple. Kirsty Wirth is one of the most inspiring gut health experts I know, and not only do they have the cultures I love and use, they also have trustworthy online gut healing programs that everyone could benefit from. 

Why I love the cultures: They are histamine lowering, don't contain lactic acid forming bacteria, are ridiculously potent in beneficial microbes, are food based, do not contain any nasties like many other probiotics, and they ferment food quicker than anything I have used before. 

Why I can be iffy about other culture starters and probiotics: Many contain nasty fillers, like maltodextrin or dextrose, and this will only contribute to the inflammation that an individual is aiming to reduce. Moreover, the blend of microbes can sometimes do you more damage than good, as they contain histamine forming microbes. Other fermented foods may be beneficial once the gut flora has somewhat rebalanced, however in the initial stages of healing we need to be more careful as to what microbes are exposing ourselves to. 

Find these cultures HERE, and enter SHERIDANAUSTIN for 10% off. 


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Twenty8 Essential Oils

When you know the owner, Kim Morrison, of this true, honest, beautiful company, you will first want to give her a big cuddle, and secondly fall head over heels with what she brings into our lives. I first hand, know that what goes into each and every product is as pure as it gets. Organic, 100% essential oils that hold incredible medicinal value. 

Why I can be iffy about other essential oils: there is a lot of adulteration that goes on behind scenes that you have no idea about. This means that it may not be 100% what it is saying on the label, a large portion may not be from the medicinal plant it is saying, and be a much cheaper alternative. 

You can find all of her products HERE



I absolutely love foods that Further Food has available to us, and in particular the Collagen and Daily Turmeric Tonic. They only contain real, pure and healing ingredients which can easily be used in your daily regime. 

The collagen comes from grass fed cattle, and I use this in slices, smoothies, mixed through the Kultured Wellness coconut yogurt or in water on the run. I use collagen, bone broth and gelatin interchangeably in my diet for blend of amino acids they contain, which are critical for healing and sealing your gut lining and for strong and healthy hair, skin and nails.   

You can find their food HERE and enter SHERIDANJOYAUSTIN for 10% off your order.