Gut Lovin' Acai Bowl

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1 x 100g packet of pure Acai with no additives

1 cup roughly chopped frozen banana - preferably fermented, see below

1/8th cup coconut milk (increase to a 1/4 cup if your blender struggles)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 tablespoons collagen (you may omit this, though add an alternative protein if you are having this as a main meal)

Sweetener to taste; liquid stevia, Lakanto, honey or maple syrup

Optional additions; 1 teaspoon Lions Mane, Ashwaghanda, or your choice of herb depending on your mood, cinnamon, ginger, or additional frozen fruits or vegetables

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  1. To ferment the bananas:

    1. Chop the bananas in pieces that are still 2-3 inches long so they don’t go soggy when you are fermenting them.

    2. Place them in a clean jar, and cover them with this coconut water kefir, ensuring they are submerged under the liquid.

    3. Sit them on your bench for 2-3 days, the warmer the weather, the faster they will ferment.

    4. The liquid will become very fizzy, so I suggest releasing the gas 1-2 times a day so it doesn’t explode in your kitchen.

    5. Drain the liquid and reserve for more banana fermenting in future, and then place the bananas in your freezer to freeze. It’s not essential, but I line the container or bowl with baking paper to prevent sticking just for ease.

  2. Okay! Place the frozen bananas, Acai and remaining ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth and creamy. You will need to scrape down the sides a couple of times and re-blend.

  3. Scoop out into a bowl and top with your favourite flavours. To be honest I actually love it plain and simple!

Sheridan Williamson