Vanilla and Lime Avocado Tart

Lime Cake.jpg



3 cups desiccated coconut 

3 tbsp coconut cream (pure, no additives)

1/2 - 1 tbsp Lakanto, stevia, or honey to taste  


1. Place the desiccated coconut into your blender and blend until as fine as you can make it. 

2. Add of the remaining base ingredients into the blender and blend until well combined. 

3. Line a springform cake tin with baking paper at the base, and then press down the base ingredients evenly. 

4. Place in the freezer.



2 cups cashews; soaked in filtered water and a dash of apple cider vinegar for 6-8 hours, OR ferment them for 24 hours in a combination of water and added (roughly 1/2 cup) coconut water kefir or coconut yogurt

1 1/2 avocados (roughly 180g)

6 tablets chlorella (or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) - add to taste to ensure it doesn’t overpower in flavour

3 tablespoons lime juice

3 tablespoons coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut cream

3-4 tablespoons of your choice of sweetener (such as Lakanto, Stevia, honey or maple syrup) or liquid stevia to taste

3 teaspoons vanilla essence


  1. Place all ingredients into a high powered blender and blend until smooth. You will need to scrape down the sides a few times and continue to blend.

  2. Once the base has set, scoop out the mixture on top and place back in the freezer to set.

  3. Once set, top with your desired toppings or leave plain and simple.  

Sheridan Williamson