My obsession with Ghee continues


Golden ghee, one of my all time favourite foods... When I discovered that I feel better without dairy, ghee became a staple that has not left my kitchen. I make this batch once a week, and add it to my coffee, cook with it, add it to cauliflower puree, to baked and raw treats or even sometimes off the spoon.

Due to the following process, ghee no longer contains any milk solids (whey, casein or lactose), so don't be scared if you know you cannot tolerate one or all of these. For those that do not tolerate these, it is crucial to ensure that all the milk solids are removed by using the muslin cloth, nut bag, or clean white shirt you don't want. This method is quick and easy, so don't be scared!


4 x 250g blocks of grass fed, unsalted butter (1 kg)

1L jar

Muslin cloth


1. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Place all the butter in a tray, and place in the oven for 1.5 hours, or until the butter mix resembles the above image. The milk solids should have separated from the milk fat by solidifying, and there should be no 'milky' components remaining.

2. Line the top of a 1L jar with a muslin cloth that has been folded just once, and using a rubber band, place it over the mouth of the jar making sure you leave quite a bit of cloth in the jar for the ghee to strain through.

3. Once the ghee has cooled slightly, pour the mix into the jar over the cloth, waiting for it to strain through each time so it doesn't overflow. 


4. Place the ghee in the fridge immediately to cool - this makes it cool nice and creamy, otherwise it separates and goes grainy though is still edible. Once it has cooled completely, you can store it in your cupboard for as long as it takes for you to use it!