Life-Changing Pancakes

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Green banana flour is a potent source of resistant starch, that I would class as a superfood for your gut and something that should certainly make it's way into your regime. It's NEEDED. When resistant starch is consumed, our gut bacteria eat up the fibres and produce short chain fatty acids like butyrate, which nourish our gut lining. In fact, our intestinal wall really cannot thrive without butyrate, so it is absolutely essential. If you find you react to green banana flour or other sources of resistant starch like cooked and cooled rice, then it means that you have a little gut work to do before consuming potent sources of resistant starch. You may need to enhance your beneficial bacteria, or reduce some cheeky microbial overgrowths living in your gut like yeasts, parasites or bacteria.

Slippery elm soothes inflammation in your gut and reduces symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, reflux and heartburn. It also gives the pancakes a maple syrup flavour - mind blowing. 

It's pretty great to think you can have really beautiful pancakes that actually hold ridiculously healing benefits. 

I have mine with coconut yogurt that is rich in beneficial microbes, and homemade sugar free blueberry jam, but I love serving them up with crispy bacon.


This makes roughly 15 small to medium sized pancakes. 

1/2 cup green banana flour, which you can get here or here (enter JWZ345 for 5% off) 

1/4 cup slippery elm - loosely packed 

1 1/2 cups coconut milk (or 1 1/4 cup for thicker pancakes) 

3 pastured eggs (4 if the mix is too thick or breaking apart when trying to flip) 

2 tsp vanilla essence or 1 vanilla pod scraped

Pinch of salt

NOTE: I used 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup coconut cream to form my coconut milk. I use the Ayam brand of coconut cream. 

Optional additions: I add 2 teaspoons of Sun Potion Ashwaghanda powder into the pancake mix to support energy, mood and stamina. 

Serving suggestions: coconut yogurt (I get mine from HERE), berries, cinnamon, macadamia nut butter, 

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1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl using a fork or whisk, ensuring there are no dry parts remaining. 

2. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to thicken.

3. In a medium to high heated pan with a splash of coconut oil or ghee, slowly pour the mix into small pancakes. 

4. Wait until bubbles come through the pancake, and then test to see if it can be flipped by wiggling your spatula under the pancake gently. If it breaks apart, let it sit there for a little longer as when it is ready you will be able to flip easily.

5. Flip, and then cook evenly on the other side. 

6. Reserve on a large plate, and then continue cooking the rest. 

7. Note: I have tested this mix a few times, so if followed correctly it shouldn't be an issue, though if it is not binding well together, you may need to let the mix sit there for a little longer to thicken some more, or if it still does not work for you, then add another egg to ensure it binds even better. 

8. Serve with your choice of deliciousness, though I love probiotic rich coconut yogurt and homemade blueberry jam! 

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Pancakes - overview .jpg
Sheridan Williamson